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Integration Digital Live Broadcasting Mixer Systems
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DIGO_ 4D Caster is an advanced audio control center designed for streaming media, podcasts, and musicians to create audio/video and live broadcasting . With revolutionary features and excellent audio quality , the console is easy to operate. It built-in professional compressors, filters, equalizers, and effect processors, equipped with advanced Bluetooth connectors, supporting OTG digital audio interfaces supporting IOS and Android systems. Using USB2.0 audio interface allow to control fader ,rotary knob, and colorful HD touch screens directly. Moreover, tt can mix and process up to 10 audio sources during live broadcasting, supporting recording to a computer or microSD card from multi track channels. The machine is a powerful partner for music creators, online teaching, podcasts, and music self media.



  • Two XMOS XCORE_ AI 16 core processor, consisting of a multi-channel high-speed audio processing architecture.
  • AKM HIFI class audio CODEC.
  • 14 channel 24bit/48 kHz sampling rate for high-quality audio quality.
  • 10 channel mixing station and numerous voice shaping tools.
  • 4 XLR/TRS complex Canon input available for connecting microphones and musical instruments, supporting with 48V phantom power supply allow to use electrical condenser microphone.
  • High quality current type microphone amplifier, low noise, wide gain range (+60 dB).
  • 2 group stereo input channel. TRS+3.5mm jack, be using for connecting musical instrument or audio equipment.
  • Support to use mobile devices via Bluetooth ® or wired connection for audio transmission and live broadcasting remotely.
  • 5 inch colorful HD touch display easy to control and monitor working status.
  • 9 audio input channel coming with individual fader, mute button and monitor button.
  • Independent volume control for 1 group monitor output and 4 group earphone output.
  • 8 sampling recordable and color settable button with song to play music,3 group 24 effect savable.
  • Ducking function - It turn down the volume automatically when speech.
  • Building with the function of all kinds of signal compressors, filter, parameter EQ and professional voice DSP and so on.
  • OTG interface for all kinds of intelligence mobile pone device, support both IOS and Android systems for live broadcasting or recording.
  • USB2.0 PC audio interface, 14 in & 2 out USB audio interface,recording by musical software.
  • Allow to record live stereo or multi-track audio (24-bit/48kHz) into microSD card.
  • Customized software allow to use edit,backup and convert audio file.
  • External power supply.

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