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M series :

M206   4 Mono / 2 Stereo

M208   6 Mono / 2 Stereo

M210   8 Mono / 2 Stereo


M206-P   4 Mono / 2 Stereo  250Wx2

M208-P   6 Mono / 2 Stereo  250Wx2

M210-P   8 Mono / 2 Stereo  400Wx2



● M series has a newly designed, unique and novel appearance, and a compact and reasonable panel functional layout. It contains numerous features,two aux sends/returns, two main channels/2 subgroup outputs, 48V phantom power supply, excellent MP3 player / recorder, digital effects processor.
● 7-band graphic equalizer and so on. It has superior sound performance with a high performance cost ratio. The entire series has a pure mixer and a powered mixer. There are a variety of selections for the input channel numbers and a variety of options for output power.
● A variety of selections for input channel numbers, 8 channels mono inputs+2 groups of stereo inputs, 6 channels mono inputs+2 groups of stereo inputs,
● 4 channels mono inputs+2 groups of stereo inputs.
● It has two types of mixers, pure and powered.
● Two aux sends/returns, two main channels/2 subgroup outputs.
● 7 -band graphic equalizer, optimized musical performance and adjusted indoor acoustic parameters.
● 12-band precise level indication.
● 48V phantom power supply.
● No-noise pre-amplifier with extremely Iow distortion and a very wide gain range, extremely high dynamic response and musicality.
● Pure 3-band equalizer, correct musical control power.
● MP3 player/recorder is compatible with multi audio format; SD/USB ports provide good sound quality and concise man-to-machine communication interfaces.
● High-quality and high-precision 60mm-long fader can precisely adjust the matching level of the channel.
● It has complete internal protection functions.
● Less volume, more concise, convenient and easy to use.



     Maximum input level

Mic +22dBu

Other Line +20dBu

     Maximum output level

Main XLR +28dBu

Other output +22dBu


3 colour LED , quast peak response

     Sensitivity 0VU=+4dBu
     Master meter 12 segment, -30dB to+16dB
     Channel meter

Green led, signal

     Frequency response +/- 1dB, 20Hz-30KHz
     Mic CMRR at 1kHz >80dB typical
     THD+n at+14dBu at 1kHz

Mic to mix out <0.01%

     Crosstalk (@1KHz)

Fader shutoff >80dB

Mute shutoff >82dB

     Noise, rms 20Hz to 20kHz

Mic input E.I.N -122dBu

Main mix fader unity,

channel fader down <-95dBu(-97dB S/N)

Main mix fader unity,

channel fader unity <-82dBu(-86dB S/N)

     Channel PAD/LINE

-20dB (MIC input)

     Mono EQ

HIGH Shelving +/-15dB, 12kHz

MID Peaking +/-15dB, 2.5kHz

LOW Shelving +/-15dB, 80kHz

     Output Power

250W x2 (M206-P/208-P) 400W x2 (M210-P)

     Power SUPPLY

115/230VAC, 50/60Hz

     Power Consumption

M206-P/208-P 600 watts, M210-P 1000 watts

M206/M208/M210 20 watts

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