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● V + Z microphone pre-amplifier, all-symmetry all-balanced zero-noise current amplifier, very low distortion and with a sufficient space margin and a very wide gain range.
● High musical nature and pure equalizer, music handling power to create personality, precise control and superb music nature.
● Each channel has the same signal flow process and PCB layout, using the top-class, extremely small-error original components, and strict quality control, so that each channel's sound performance is consistent, and a signal, whichever channel it is transmitted to, has shown the consistent effects.
● Both input channels and the main control section, has a clear, simple and intuitive control interface. It looks very complicated, but the operation is very simple.
● The powerful SOLO function, and the precise level indication system, is easy to control and analyze the overall music signal strength and direction.
● Redundant backup power supply system, dual-power backup for each other, provides maximum protection for the live performance. Even if any one of them has problems, there can be noise-free connection to ensure uninterrupted work of the mixer.



Maximum input level

Mic +34dBu (inc pad)

CH Line +34dBu

Other Line +22dBu

Maximum output level

XLR +26dBu

Jack +20dBu

Internal headroom

Channels +20dB

Mix +22dB

Meters 3 colour LED , quast peak response
Sensitivity 0VU=+4dBu at XLR output
Master meter 12 segment, -30 to+16dB
Channel meter 4 segment -12,0,+6,+16dB(5dB before clip)
Frequency response +/- 0.5dB, 20Hz-50KHz
Mic CMRR at 1kHz >80dB typical
 THD+n at+14dBu at 1kHz Mic to mix out <0.003%
Crosstalk (@1KHz)

Fader shutoff >90dB

Mute shutoff >90dB

Inter channel >90dB

Noise, rms 22Hz to 22kHz

Mic input E.I.N -128dBu

Residual output noise <-96dBu(-100dB S/N)

LR mix noise 24 routed <-86dBu(-90dB S/N)

Group mix noise 16 routed <-86dBu(-90dB S/N)

Aux mix noise 16 routed <-92dBu(-90dB S/N)

Mix noise 24 line 0dB gain <-86dB S/N

Channel HPF 12dB/oct below 100Hz
Mono EQ

HF Shelving +/-15dB, 12kHz

HM Peak/dip +/-15dB, 500Hz to 15kHz,Q=1.8

LM Peak/dip +/-15dB, 35Hz to 1kHz,Q=1.8

LF Shelving +/-15dB, 80Hz

Stereo EQ

HF Shelving +/-15dB, 12kHz

HM Peak/dip +/-15dB, 2.5kHz ,Q=1.8

LM Peak/dip +/-15dB, 250Hz ,Q=1.8

LF Shelving +/-15dB, 80Hz



Mono channel

XLR balanced pin 2 hot Sensitivity -60 to +14dBu

TRS balanced,tip hot Sensitivity -40 to +14dBu

Pad out(MIC) 2k ohm

Pan in (MIC or LINE) >10k ohm, -20dB attenuation

Max input level +34dBu

XLR phantom power +48V, on/off

 Stereo channel TRS balanced >10k ohm, -16to +20dBu
Talkback mic

XLR balanced pin 2 hot Sensitivity -50 to -10dBu

Phantom power +48V, on/off

 2-track return TRS unbalanced >4k ohm, -2dBu
2-track send TRS impedance balanced >75 ohm, -2dBu

Channel:TRS, tip send, ring return, 0dBu

Output:TRS, tip send, ring return, -2dBu

L,R, M outputs XLR balanced pin 2 hot <75 ohm, +4dBu, +26dBu max
Group (aux) out XLR balanced pin 2 hot <75 ohm, +4dBu, +26dBu max
 Aux 1-6 output

TRS impedance balanced <75 ohm, +2dBu, +20dBu max

Electronic balance option <75 ohm, +4dBu, +26dBu max

Direct out TRS impedance balanced <75 ohm, +2dBu, +20dBu max
Matrix out

TRS impedance balanced <75 ohm, -2dBu, +20dBu max

Electronic balance option <75 ohm, +4dBu, +26dBu max

Headphones TRS, tip L, ring R, 30to 600 ohm headphones recommended
Monitor output TRS impedance balanced <75 ohm, -2dBu, +20dBu max
Lamp 4-pin XLR max 12V 5W lamp


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