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UB44_duo is a 2 in 2 out portable USB digital radio interface, used for recording podcasts and live broadcasts, helping podcasters and radio hosts to add music, sound effects, and create music anytime, anywhere.
We believe that the future of music production must be mobile creation. With the rise of podcasts, live broadcasts and game anchors, along with the popularity of small home recording studios, musicians now have more ways to create better music. UB44_duo connects musicians, creative tools and mobile terminals. When you want to create or do live broadcast, UB44_duo can help you connect to the recording APP on Android and Apple iOS, or immediately use the effector to modulate. UB44_duo is such a tool help your simple implementation.
UB44_duo is compatible with most audio/video/conference programs on the market. Similarly, it can also work on most smartphones and tablets running Android and Apple iOS, as well as MacOS and Windows computers.
This device also includes a Bluetooth player, dual effect engine, active noise reduction and mono mixing control, etc. The layout of its analog control can be used at a glance.


1, 2 in 2 out USB audio interface, support Android and Apple iOS smart phones and tablets, and work on MacOS and Windows computers
2, Built-in hardware DSP digital audio processor
3, Built-in Bluetooth player
4, 2 channel low noise high dynamic range microphone amplifiers with 48V phantom power and 50dB gain range
5, XLR/TRS mixed input interface supports guitar, microphone and line input
6, Dual effect engine, can apply independent effects to the signals of 2 channels independently
7, With active noise reduction function
8, Stereo and mono working modes
9, Direct monitor and mute function
10, TYPE_C interface USB bus power supply or external power supply


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